* Walking Group

Benefits of Exercise- Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre

With more than one in four Australian adults doing very minimal or no exercise at all, walking is a great way to increase physical activity and keep active. A great way to keep motivated to continue exercising is to incorporate a social component. A fantastic example of such a program is the Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre volunteer-run walking group which is based at the Peninsula Women’s Health Centre branch.

The walking group meets every Friday morning for a morning of walking, sightseeing and socialising. The activity is not just designed to keep a participant fit but is also aimed at providing a social outlet for the participants and for them to engage and connect with the natural surroundings or feed the soul as the organisers like to describe it. The walking group commenced 11 years ago; initially the idea started from one woman who had attended the centre who had suffered a great loss in her life. The volunteers started taking her for short walks, and after a short while other visitors to the centre started to join in. It soon became a social outlet for the women and the volunteers observed the benefits and decided to further expand on that concept.

There are many proven benefits to such a group including health benefits, improved fitness, general well being, social and mental health benefits. Women can access this group for many reasons including social contact, loneliness, grief, the trauma of a relationship breakdown, feeling lost because of children leaving home and mental health concerns such as depression. Or, just for the social contact and general fitness. If you or someone you know would like to find out more information regarding the walking group, please contact the Peninsula Women’s Health Centre on (02) 43- 425905.