The Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of up to seven women identified from the community. Directors are elected by and from the Membership and appointed at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The Board of Directors meet monthly and are responsible for the effective and compliant governance and strategic direction of the Women’s Health Centres. The directors contribute their skills to the Board including industry experience and knowledge of the community, health, university and broader education sectors, policy development, governance, business strategy and management and financial management.

Board of Directors

Janet Attwood  (Chairperson)
Commenced October 2022

Janet Attwood was appointed to the Board in October 2022. An accomplished senior leader and advisor to Boards/Executive Leadership teams and has served on strategic Public Sector committees. Janet has a deep understanding of work health and safety, legislative compliance, project management, risk, and governance and, extensive experience in Business transformation – designing contemporary organisational models that support positive cultural change.

Her public sector work and early career have centred around female led sectors like health care, social assistance, disability support and childcare.

Janet’s qualifications include a Masters in OHS, Post Graduate certificate in Autism and Diplomas in auditing, health, and social science.

Janet is a proud Central Coast woman with lived experience of disability.

Robyn Moore (Vice Chairperson)
Commenced April 2020

As a proud a Guringai woman living on the Central Coast for the past 20 years, Robyn is committed to the provision of a culturally appropriate health service for the Aboriginal community and endorses the NACCHO definition of Aboriginal health – a holistic approach through mind, body, soul and culture in which each individual is able to achieve their full potential as a human being, thereby bringing about the total well-being of their community.

Robyn supports the view of community-based feminist women’s health services based on principles of social justice and an understanding of a gendered approach to health or health within a social context.

With 50 years of Health Management and Nursing experience Robyn has a passion for and sound understanding of Primary Health Care and opportunities created by the Health Reform agenda and the need for a more patient and family centred integrated Primary Health Care environment.

Robyn has previously held Practice Management roles at Corporate & Private Sector General Practices, Yerin Aboriginal Health Service and Director of Nursing in the private sector. Robyn’s qualifications include Registered Nurse; Graduate Diploma in Nursing Management and Masters in Health Management. Previous Board Directorships include Central Coast NSW Medicare Local (CCNSWML) and Central Coast Primary Care (CCPC) and the Clinical Advisory Council for Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network (HNECC PHN). Robyn was appointed Chair in October 2021.

Dr Stephanie Short (Secretary)
Commenced October 2020

Stephanie is passionate about the Central Coast community having holidayed at Hardy’s Bay all her life. She moved to Woy Woy in 2015 to be near her mother who passed away in December 2019. She learnt to swim in the Bogey Hole at Killcare Beach and worked as a physiotherapist at the Woy Woy, Long Jetty and Wyong Hospitals, whilst undertaking further studies in Sociology in the 1980s.

She brings to the Board her professional experience as a registered physiotherapist, plus thirty-five years’ experience as an academic sociologist having worked since 2009 as Professor of Health Sociology at the University of Sydney and Director of HealthGov.

Stephanie has served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Community Health Association of NSW for ten years and as a Company Director for KU Children’s Services (which operates over 130 early childhood services across Australia). She is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management and a Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Stephanie has particular expertise in education and research, in strategic thinking and development activities holding Dip Phty, BA MSc and PhD FCHSM MAICD.

Makiko Hayamizu (Treasurer)
Commenced June 2022

I am proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of women’s health and wellbeing in the Coast.

My passions are firmly aligned to this cause – tackling gender inequalities, society’s wealth gaps, and promoting the empowerment of women.

I am a member CCCWHC’s Board June 2022 in the board role of Treasurer. I work with Purpose Accounting, a boutique professional service/advisory firm that is dedicated to serving the Not-for-Profit sector as a Client Manager Senior Accountant/Finance Associate.

I am a chartered accountant with 10 years of experience and hold a master’s degree in accounting from the UNSW and have completed Micro-Master courses in Data and Development Economics from MIT. I apply my expertise in the Not-for-Profit sector to this role and contribute to the healthy financial management of CCCWHC.

Annette Evans (Director)
Commenced October 2023

Sisterhood has been a basic element in Annette’s life since childhood, being the first born in a working class family of 6 sisters and her brother. Access to public education, and the opportunities of the early 70’s changed and subsequently informed all their lives.

Tertiary and post-graduate education in social work, philosophy and community development provided the base for Annette’s diverse working life.

Feminist principles of social justice have always been at the heart of her diverse working life and her drive for action and engagement with ‘the world’.

The 1970’s understanding that ‘the personal is political’ lead to her involvement in the women’s health our bodies, ourselves movement and also informed her activism for abortion law reform.

Throughout her 40 year working life in social work, community development, advocacy and policy initiatives, Annette has recognised that gendered power imbalances operate through our social and public policy structures impacting women across their lifetimes. The challenges of class, religion and ethnicity, and race intersect that gender differential to add to the complexity of many women’s lives.

In recent years Annette worked with newly migrant women finding their way in the Australian context and in the new suburbs of Canberra. When she returned to the Central Coast, she undertook the community action and research project exploring Share Housing for Older Women (SHOW) 2022.

A women’s good health is a basic expectation in Australia and access to targeted women’s health services should now be seen as a basic right in Australia.

Supporting a high quality service with solid feminist principles is a priority for Annette.

She has experience in governance through her previous involvement on various Boards of Management including neighbourhood centres, a family support service, community transport and a multicultural community hub.

Kathy Karimodini (Director)
Commenced October 2022

I will never be retired from the main role that I have been allocated to for more than four decades: A proud woman!

I am a proud woman who is also a daughter, a sister, a mum, a friend, a worker, a volunteer, and a member of the Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre.

I immigrated to Australia about 16 years ago as a skilled worker when I was not able to speak English fluently. Raising my twin daughters mostly on my own, moving and living in 13 different cities/ towns in NSW, and learning about new cultures and people, helped me to develop my personal and professional skills to make a better future for me, my family and the whole community.

I changed my career from software engineering to community service about 6 years ago and started working in the communities from then. Volunteering in CCCWHC for almost 7 years, I worked as a multicultural Social Support coordinator with Mosaic Multicultural Connections for more than 5 years, winning the NSW Training Awards in 2018 and becoming an NSW ambassador for Vocational Education and Training, have allowed me to gain new skills to communicate with diverse communities and identify their needs. It also gave me better knowledge about my rights and all women’s right.

I would like to put all my effort to utilise my skills to make a better life and a brighter future for all women regardless of their age or background.

Margaret Moon (Director)
Commenced October 2020

Margaret Moon was appointed to the CCCWHC Board in October 2020. She has lived on the Central Coast for 30 years and has had a diverse career as a communications manager, educator and public administrator.

After leaving school at 15, she travelled to the UK to work in the creative industries and returned to Australia in 1975 to have her first child.

Since then, she has worked as a senior manager with ABC Television and as an educator with NSW TAFE, where she taught social theory, communication skills and gender studies. Margaret began her tertiary education at the age of 32, enrolling as a mature age student at the University of New England.

Juggling work, mothering and part-time study, she gained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Education, a Masters degree in Adult Education and a Diploma in Management, as well as post-graduate qualifications in Women’s Studies and Writing.

She recently retired from SafeWork NSW where she managed the Evaluation Program. She brings to the Board significant experience in the areas of strategic planning, governance and communication. Margaret is client-focused and committed to ensuring that women can make their own choices about their health and wellbeing.

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