We have part-time doctors at our Wyoming service providing specialist women’s health within a holistic women’s health setting at our General Practice Women’s Health Clinic.

Women’s Health Service include:

General practice

Our Doctors will see Clients presenting with general health issues including reproductive and sexual health, poor nutrition, obesity, chronic disease and tobacco, drug and alcohol dependency, mental and emotional health and wellbeing issues.

Specialised Women’s Health client care

Women’s Health GP’s specialise in and conduct the following health checks and monitoring:

  • Cervical screening (previously pap smears)
  • breast checks and management of breast disease
  • menstruation and premenstrual syndrome problems
  • providing peri-menopause and menopause advice
  • treatment of gynaecological issues
  • antenatal Shared-care and postnatal check-ups
  • pregnancy testing and counselling
  • testing for sexually transmitted infections and providing safe sex advice
  • pelvic floor /incontinence management
  • discussing relationship issues with women in order to detect domestic violence risks
  • counselling women on contraceptive choices and advising them of the advantages and disadvantages, enabling them to make appropriate choices
  • inserting Mirena IUDs and Implanon
  • Information and education on all women’s health issues

For enquiries or to make an appointment, please call our friendly clinic reception team on 02 4324 2533