Women’s health beats engineering for new doctor

It was a choice between engineering or medicine but luckily for the Central Coast Community Women’s Health Centre (CCCWHC), medicine won out.

Coming from a family of engineers, Dr Nicola Worrad, initially followed the trend and completed a year of engineering study before changing to medicine.

She is now working as a registrar for six months at the CCCWHC in Wyoming under the supervision of well-known local doctor, Colette Hourigan.

CCCWHC is a feminist health centre providing services for women by women with a medical practice and other services, including counselling and workshops, at Wyoming and community centres at Wyong and Woy Woy.

Dr Worrad says she is enjoying work at the centre and is immersed in the world of reproductive health, contraception, managing menstrual cycles, pelvic pain, mental health and pap smears.

“I opted for women’s health during my study as find women are often more proactive in managing their health,” she said.

However, she also added that women do tend to put their family first and sometimes their own health concerns can be pushed back.

“Older women may also deal with things for a long time and feel they just have to put up with it. Once you dig deeper, you can get more information about things that may have been a long-standing problem.”

While the Centre is not a replacement for women’s regular GPs, the longer half hour sessions can enable women to have a more in-depth session about any areas of concern and general health.

“I am passionate about women’s health and the extra training I’ve received in this area is invaluable,” said Dr Worrad.

And her advice for women: “Exercise whenever possible, try and take some time for yourself and have awareness around mental health. It’s never too early to seek help for any health-related issues. It’s also okay to talk about problems and it’s so much better dealing with things as they come up, rather than putting them off.”

Dr Worrad is accepting new and current patients on Mondays and Thursdays, so phone the Clinic on 43242533 to make an appointment. The Centre is also looking for another doctor to join the practice so any referrals welcome.

Check out all the services offered at the Wyong, Woy Woy and Wyoming Centres and the Wot’s On guide on the website  https://cccwhc.com.au/.

Contact Centre Manager Theresa Mason for further information on 43372203