Women’s Well-being Project (art therapy and movement)

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What’s this project about?

Support vulnerable and disadvantaged women including those from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and Culturally & Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. The project aims to help women in the following ways: gain new skills, build confidence, experience safe relationships, explore economic opportunities, participate in health and well-being programs and explore new options as they move through life stages. Physical activity classes (yoga, Pilates) will increase social connections, improved mental health & sleep, decrease anxiety/depression/stress.

Benefits include increased: ‍ -Social connections and a sense of belonging ‍ -Knowledge and awareness of safe relationships ‍ -Mental health and well-being through awareness of self-help strategies ‍ -Physical fitness with the associated mental health benefits ‍ Development of new skills, confidence, self-efficacy = increased self esteem ‍ Awareness of new opportunities for economic and educational pathways ‍ Community benefit is that more engaged women have increased economic participation potential.

As the nominating community member, I will consult with CCCWHC, who will employ: ‍ – A qualified art therapist four days a week to facilitate/implement the project. ‍ -Childcare workers x 2 will run a créche to support groups, so parents can attend the program. ‍ -Contract instructors for: Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. ‍ Once funding is announced, the project will commence, running from January 2020, for a period of 12 months.

Why should you vote for this project?

  • Women in our program will feel empowered, learn new skills and gain confidence through art therapy and movement classes.
  • Women will feel more socially connected, a sense of belonging and emotionally supported when experiencing life challenges.
  • This project focuses on goal setting for future economic participation, resilience, safety and regaining control over their own lives.